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Why do you need caster cups for your piano:
Caster cups serve two primary purposes: (1) They protect your floors, and (2) enhance the beauty of your instrument and room.

Floor Protection:
Caster cups were invented to protect your floors from damage. Over time, the weight of your piano (which can be over a 1000 lbs), along with the vibrations caused from playing it, will leave indents on your floor (whether it be hardwood or carpet). Remember that the entire weight of your piano is distributed on your floor in three small points, on the bottom of a hard steel or brass caster (the wheel). Caster cups, with their wider diameter, spread the distribution of the weight of the piano, and thus reduce the force of the pressure on your floor.

Protection from discoloration:
Over an extended period of time, certain metal piano wheels can rust or tarnish (even brass wheels will turn green). This ultimately will discolor your floor.

Pianos on carpet: regaining lost height
When a heavy piano is placed on carpet, it tends to sink. If you're having this problem, caster cups can help regain the needed height.

Prevent your piano from rolling:
While not common, some people have pianos that tend to roll easily. Caster cups can help keep your piano from rolling away.

A piano is both an expensive and beautiful instrument, and nice caster cups can further enhance its beauty, and give a real classy look.

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