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Steinway Piano Polish and Cleaners
steinway piano polish
Steinway Piano Care Products

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Steinway Piano Products:


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For over 150 years, Steinway craftsmen have created world famous pianos in rare and beautiful woods. The Steinway piano is not only a legendary musical instrument, but also a highly prized piece of fine furniture. Only Steinway Furniture Care products are endorsed for use on Steinway pianos. And while made specifically for Steinway pianos, these products work great on other wood pianos or fine pieces of furniture!

Steinway Cream Polish:
is an enriching polish that contains premium emollients that leave wood with a rich, natural sheen. Helps safeguard against drying, cracking and spills. Easy to apply. Requires only gentle buffing to bring out the wood's unique beauty. The cream offers maximum protection against normal wear and adverse environmental conditions. Will not compromise the wood's patina or cause discoloration and there's never any buildup even with repeated use. 12 oz cream.

Steinway Supreme Polish (Aerosal Can):
This polish will preserve the wood with an enriching blend of moisturizers and leave your piano or furniture looking rich and lustrous It requires only a gentle buffing. With no streaking, it is perfect for satin or high gloss finishes. It will help to prevent drying and cracking and enhance the natural grain of the wood.

Steinway Cleanser & Conditioner:
Easy to use aerosol can, this is the ideal product for removing environmental pollution like, soot, grease, excess wax, smoke and dust from wood surfaces without damage to wood finish. It doesn't leave any oily residue to attract dust and it leaves a soft natural sheen with no wax build up. It will leave your piano or any wood surface clean and ready to polish. No finger marks or streaks, even on high gloss surfaces and it will enhance the beauty of the natural grain

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