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Piano Caster Cups
piano caster cup to quiet piano sound
6" Rubber Tiered Piano Caster Cups Sound Dampening

                    $39.99 $33.85 each
Product Description:

These large 6" tiered rubber piano caster cups are designed to help dampen the sound of your piano, making them perfect for those who live in apartments or have their piano on the second story. In addition, the bottom of the inside of the bowl of these caster cups are approximately 1" off the ground, making it ideal for those who need to raise their piano about an inch (for instance, if the piano is located on a thick carpet).

Dampen the Sound and Vibrations from your Piano:

The caster cups are made out of premium quality SBR (styrene-butadiene rubber), which acts as a damper between piano and floor allowing for pure sound intonation. Premium SBR rubber does not promote tarnishing of brass.

These are heavy duty caster cups, weighing approximately 1 lbs 8 ounces each. The bottom of the caster cups are lined with felt padding, to prevent any damage to your floor. The large 6" diameter of these cups will help displace the weight of heavier pianos, spreading it over a larger surface area, protecting your floors.

Price is per caster cup.

Outside Diameter: 6"
Inside Diameter: 2-3/4"
Overall Height: 1-3/4"
Height from ground to bottom of the bowl of the cup: 1"
Cup Depth: 3/4"

large grand piano caster cups rubber

grand piano caster cups tiered rubber sound dampening


Shipping on caster cups is a flat rate of $7.95, Priority Air Mail, anywhere in the continental United States (Alaska and Hawaii, please email for a shipping quote). On the shopping cart checkout menu, please select the "caster cup" shipping option. Shipping to Canada is $17.95, also available in the checkout drop down menu.

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