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Piano Caster Cups
marble piano caster cup with rubber pad
5" Piano Caster Cups with Marble Design

                    $24.99 $9.99 each
Product Description:

These 5" piano caster cups are made out of a hard plastic, and feature an elegant marble design. The bottom of the pad has a 1/8" anti-slip, anti-shock rubber pad, to protect your floors.

Price is per caster cup.

Outside Diameter: 5"
Inside Diameter: 2-3/4"

marble grand piano pads

The advantages of a rubber pad:

In additional to protecting your floors from damage from the piano wheels, the "anti-shock" rubber pads help provide a level sound of deafening, as some of the vibrations that travel down the legs of the piano are absorbed by the rubber. Great for those with apartments or for where the piano is located on the second floor.

A piano is not always located on completely even ground. For those with tile or perhaps older wooden floors, there can be crevasses or ridges. A caster cup with a thin piece of felt or smooth sanded bottom will lay unevenly in these situations. The 1/8" thick rubber pad will form to the floor, leveling out the caster cup.


Shipping on caster cups is a flat rate of $7.95, Priority Air Mail, anywhere in the continental United States (Alaska and Hawaii, please email for a shipping quote). On the shopping cart checkout menu, please select the "caster cup" shipping option. Shipping to Canada is $17.95, also available in the checkout drop down menu.

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